Saturday, August 28, 2010

Origin & Inspiration for this blog

When my husband & I moved into our new house, I came across a cache of cosmetics that had been overlooked in prior moves, lying undisturbed for the better part of a decade. I dusted it off, checked it for usability, tossed about half of it & integrated it into my current stash of makeup.

Time passed, and I found that many of these items - some of them dating back to my college years - still worked for me. Some were timeless colors, but some of them had to wait for the last few seasons' recycling of the looks of the '80s. Claw bangs and over-sized shoulder pads are still a fashion "don't", but neon fingernails and cobalt eyeliner are apparently once again a "do".

A few weeks ago I read an article by a beauty blogger showing the changes in MAC lipstick packaging over the years and I thought about my antique stash. There is a generation of young people out there who probably don't realize that this isn't the first time sparkle eyeshadow and iridescent lip gloss were popular. Maybe it's time to show off the oldies but goodies!

That was the germ of the idea for this, but to be honest it was a class assignment that got me up off my but and starting another blog. We'll see if it's of interest to anyone besides me, but even if it isn't, the 10 extra credit points will be welcome. :-)

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