Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chanel Intensites D'ombre: Intensites Voilees

This is one of the newer items I'll review here. I'm not sure how old it is, but I'm guessing I got it within the past 10 years. The case is relatively unscratched and the interior is in good shape too.

The case contains three shadows: two square satin pans in a lighter and darker shade, and a long skinny dark matte shade ideal for lining or darkening up the crease and outer corner to make a smoky eye.

The shade on the left is a shimmery light nude pink, ideal for highlighting or on the lid if you like lighter colors. The one on the right is a brownish rose that goes nicely with the pink. The shade on the bottom is a matte dark slightly greyed out brown, ideal for use as a liner. These are named shades: Chiffon, Rose, and Grey.

Swatches were done dry with a q-tip on unprimered skin. This photo is in deep shade.

This photo taken in sun is a bit more true to color, though the shadows look a bit more sparkly than they do in real life.

These shadows are nicely pigmented and smooth, and they blend really well. The matte shade is a little chalky, but I don't think it matters a lot if you use it as a primer. It takes a bit of work to blend it well if you want to use it to smoke out your eye look, however. Overall, this is an easy group to use together, and depending how you put it together it can be used as a work-appropriate day look or as a more intense evening look.

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