Saturday, October 23, 2010

Estee Lauder Tender Blusher: Sunlit Pink

This is another beauty from the mid-1980's.

Estee Lauder has the reputation of being your grandmother's makeup, and while that may have been true for the past couple of decades, it wasn't quite so in the 1980's.  (For that matter, it isn't so any more - not since Tom Pecheux was hired as artistic director.  The new pure color line is HOT!)

This is a soft petal pink with a powdery texture and sheer color.  It feels smooth on, but if you have any color beyond a Twilight extra, it might not show up on you.  I used it mid-winter in west Philadelphia, when the only color my skin might have had was wind burn.

The compact is solid and a bit heavy, with a usable brush included.

Lightly swatched, shade.  Can you see anything?  I can't.

In sun I can see that I should have been more diligent with sunscreen in my youth, but still no blush.

Swatched VERY heavily you start to see something, shown here in shade.

It blends so well with my skin you can hardly tell it's there, even in full sun.  I should try swatching this again in February & see if it will show up on SoCal winter skin or if it only works with Philly winter skin.

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