Sunday, November 7, 2010

Princess Marcella Borghese Lumina Radiant Fresh Moisturizing Powder Blush: Rosa Brillante

Boy, that name is a mouthful.

This blush has some of the nicest packaging of all the ones I have from this era. The case is heavy and solid with undulating curves on both sides to give it character. Inside, the pan is wide enough that you don't have to go over it several times to cover your brush, certainly overkill if you use the tiny one Borghese includes with it.

The blush itself is a lovely dark rose with just enough shimmer to keep things interesting without leaving you looking like a disco ball. It has a creamy texture, though it has gotten more powdery as the decades have passed.

This is a VERY heavy swatch, shown in shade.

Here's the same swatch in full sun. It's more shimmery than sparkly, and it's certainly not overwhelmingly shiny.

Lightly applied & blended in shade.

Same thing in full sun. Pretty, no?

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