Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ultima II: Natural Mauve

This may have come in a gift with purchase or purchase with purchase set, since the packaging is different from the other Ultima II lipsticks I have from this era.   It does appear to be full size, but the case is a thinner plastic and very plain compared to its peers.  The "metal" band is painted on.

Fortunately, the lipstick inside is pretty and wearable.  I think this is more of a soft rose than a mauve, because it isn't nearly as cool-toned as mauve implies.  The finish is a glossy, full-coverage cream without any noticeable shimmer. It's a "my lips but better" shade for light to medium skin tones, but it might be too pale for darker skin tones.

Swatched in full sun.

Swatched in shade.

See how pretty it looks without taking center stage? Perfect for use with stronger eye looks if you don't like a nude lip, or if you want to look polished without looking made up.

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