Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back to Basics: MAC Painterly Paint Pot

MAC Paint Pots are highly pigmented cream shadows that can be used alone or under powder shadows to intensify color and extend wear. They come in a range of colors and fleshy neutrals.

Paint Pots come in solid glass jars with plastic lids.  The lids seem to seal pretty well, which should slow down the inevitable drying out of the product inside.

The product inside is a firm cream that is highly pigmented.  It doesn't have as much slip to it as Benefit or Bobbi Brown cream shadows, but it goes on evenly and sticks to the lid nicely.  It leaves a slightly tacky texture that takes a little while to dry down, which makes it ideal for use under loose pigments and other shadows that need to stick to something to avoid too much fallout.  This is my first Paint Pot, so I don't know if its texture and performance is typical of the range.  I do know that I like it as a base for shadow and will probably try more shades.

Painterly is a fleshy pinkish tan that acts as a neutral base on my pink cool-toned skin.  If you have more yellow undertones you might prefer Soft Ochre.  Bare Study is a neutral take on this theme.

As you can tell by these photos, its apparent color is highly affected by light.  In shade it was more pink.  In direct sun it appears more tan and a bit warmer.

Swatched next to Dark Envy in shade.

Swatched next to Dark Envy in full sun.

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