Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bobbi Brown Chocolate & Gold Eye Paint Palette

Bobbi Brown's holiday release this year is pretty spectacular, featuring items for lips and eyes and even a perfume!  (I want that perfume, but really can't justify buying it.  Sigh.)  Among the lovely palettes are two featuring the limited-release eye paint formula.  You might remember this wet/dry eye shadow from last year's holiday release, including the Smoldering eye palette. It must have been popular!

The packaging is pretty standard  for a Bobbi Brown palette, with thick black plastic embossed with Bobbi's name on the front and with a sticker on the back identifying the colors, amount inside, and so on.
Inside are four wells of baked eye shadow.  Three of the four are rather sparkly with quite a bit of fallout.  If you can deal with that, they are quite pretty!  The fourth is a dark, mostly matte blackened dark brown with gold veins running through it.  I use this as a liner or VERY lightly applied in the outer corner to darken and define.  There's a tiny bit of sparkle in it, but not enough to notice when applied.  These colors fade fast if you don't use a good primer first.
I love the colors, but I don't think the formula is up to Bobbi's usual standards.  It's too bad, since the colors are perfect for the holidays.  If you're willing to deal with fallout and take the time to prime, you can get a lovely look from these, but if you want something that just works, look elsewhere.


jensun said...

Hi! This formula is nearly identical to the glitters released last holiday season. They are better applied pressed onto the eye rather than being swept on. Also, they are fine applied with a damp brush if you wish.

Liz said...

I'll give that a shot. So far what has worked for me is using a stickier base (i.e. MAC paint pot), but I'll add patting with a damp brush next time. I really do love the colors!