Monday, November 14, 2011

Dior Fall / Winter Ready-to-Wear palette

This was a limited-edition palette sold during Nordstrom anniversary 2011.

It comes in a velvet pouch like most modern Dior palettes.  Lifting the flap reveals another flap.  Under the second flap is a mini blush brush, a mini lip brush, and a sponge applicator.  I was a bit surprised to see the sponge applicator - for this price Dior could have put in an eye shadow brush!

The palette inside is pretty nice.  There are four eye shadows, blush, Diorskin powder foundation, and two Ultra Reflect glosses.

The shadows have the usual excellent Dior formula.  They are all shimmer formula, but this is more of a glowing shimmer - not a bit of glitter to be found.  The colors go well together and can make both subtle and dramatic looks depending how you use them.

The foundation powder is nice but hard to work with given the small patch of product you have to work with.  If your brush is small enough to get just foundation on it, then it's also small enough to take forever to do your face.

The blush is also small, but it's a bit easier to cope with since you don't need to cover as much territory on your face.  The color and texture are nice enough to make it worth a bit of work to use.

The glosses are nice, but the hard texture makes it difficult to get much on your lip brush.  Because of this it takes a while to get enough on your lips to see the color.

Swatches left to right: eye shadow top row, eye shadow bottom row, blush, foundation, right side gloss, left side gloss.

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