Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ultima II Dual Pan Patina Eye Shadow: Plumstone / Dusty Pink

Back in the day (mid-1980's), Ultima II made some of the loveliest, most versatile eye shadow duos a girl could want.  The whole range was lovely, and they had you covered head to toe.  What ever happened to them?

Plumstone is a plummy satin brown that applies a bit sheerly these days but went on like a dream when it was new.  Dusty Pink is another satin finish shadow, in a pale flesh tone that works well as a highlighter shade on the brow bone or to subtly brighten the inner corners.  They look a bit sparkly in the full-sun photo, but they really aren't.  They're far more subtle than that.  This one of the few truly work-appropriate palettes I have from that era (which is fine since I was still in school and didn't have to worry about it then   :-O).


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