Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2011: Party Alice lipstick

Instead of the traditional holiday red lipstick, Bobbi Brown has included a lovely rose.  Party Alice is in the normal BB lipstick formula, which means it's opaque, creamy, and non-drying.  Normally I don't notice any scent in Bobbi's lipsticks, but this one seems to have a faint licorice odor.  It's pleasant and doesn't last, so even people who are scent-averse shouldn't be bothered much.

Bobbi's website describes this as a pink rose, and I think that's pretty accurate.  I think it leans warm, but only a little and certainly not too warm for cooler-toned people to wear it.
Bobbi Brown lip color retails for $23.  It isn't clear from the website if this is limited edition or just "new", so if you like it I recommend you go get it.

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