Saturday, January 12, 2013

Donating to Locks of Love

My hair had gotten really long and was constantly tangled and messy, hanging limp and sad instead of being full of bounce and happiness.  I decided it was time for a drastic cut. Off to Salon U!

Long and ready to GO

Once there, Janice (the best stylist EVAH) realized that I had enough surplus hair to donate to Locks of Love, so guess what happened?

Yep, 10 inches gone. Because I had at least 10 inches to give and all the bleached parts had grown out, my hair met the guidelines for donation.

I decided to pool my donation with Janice's other clients instead of sending it in seperately.  It was a WIN for me because my hair looks lovely now. It's a WIN for a kid who can get a nice natural hairpiece instead of sythetic. It's a WIN for Locks of Love for making it easy and it's a WIN for Janice for suggesting it.

The final result. Still plenty of hair!

I feel lighter, not just in my hair but all of me. Now I need to figure out what to do with my new chic style!

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Olivia J said...

Beautiful haircut! And always great to donate to Locks of Love!